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Jotbook.net lets you easily create and edit lists together with others. Each list is given a permanent and public URL. Share that URL with others to collaborate on your list! All lists are editable by anyone if you give them the URL!


Jotbook is open source - find it at https://github.com/adamwulf/jotbook.

Jotbook was created by Adam Wulf and Buck Wilson many years ago as a prototype for realtime list collaboration. What you see here is the first exploratory phase of building out the service, which we later abandoned. As unrefined as it is, I've found it useful for quick note taking, so I've opened it up for wider use. Feel free to write some notes and lists here, or download the source below to run on your own server or tinker with. Have fun!

- Adam

Jotbook development is supported by Loose Leaf app for iPad.